Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Engineering, Services, Maintenance and Repairs. 
Production downtime due to unplanned repairs are expensive and often results in loss of effectiveness and reputation. While service is required to attain the intended lifespan of assets, maintenance helps to reduce (or reset) the actual age of assets by reconditioning part off, or the entire asset. The company’s answer to achieving zero unplanned downtime is to partner customers to ensure that an effective Service and Maintenance plan is in place.

Services we support

Tube Cleaning and Replacements

Inspection of Condenser
Water Loops

Detect and Fix Refrigerant Leaks

Monitor and Control the
Glycol Concentration

Keeping Non-Condensables (Moisture) Out of Refrigerant System

Perform Compressor Oil and Refrigerant Analysis and Recommend Adjustments

Inspect Controls, Starting Mechanism and Motors

Vibration Analysis and Thermography

Maintenance we offer

Chiller Overhaul

Enhancement and Replacement of Heat Exchangers

Chiller Health Checks

Other Services